Sacramento Master Singers


We are thrilled to be celebrating the 31st season of the Sacramento Master Singers Concert Series. Since its inception, the Master Singers has become one of the premier venues of outstanding choral ensemble music in the region. It is hard to imagine when founding director Ken Winter, admired for his passionate interpretations and extensive knowledge of choral literature, sought to form a new, auditioned choir of carefully selected singers who would focus on expert performances of choral music, that he and the original subscribers (some of whom are still subscribing!) envisioned it would reach such acclaim.

This year, we are honoring our history with a “Love” theme. Specially-commissioned works from local composers will be performed.

A special thanks to you, our subscribers, and to those who support us. We appreciate the commitment everyone has made to great music and continues to make each year by subscribing and donating to the Master Singers. Whether this is your first or your 100th Master Singers concert, please get to know those around you. Choral ensemble music is an intimate listening experience and we want to make your time with us warm and inviting.

Thank you for being an attentive and appreciative audience these past 30+ years. We look forward to sharing the next half-century of beautiful music with you.

Board of Directors

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