Sacramento Master Singers


The Sacramento Master Singers are grateful to the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission and the Sacramento Community Region Foundation whose ongoing support is funded in part by the Cultural Arts Award Program of the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission with support from the City and County of Sacramento.

About the NEA

Established by Congress in 1965, the NEA is the independent federal agency whose funding and support gives Americans the opportunity to participate in the arts, exercise their imaginations, and develop their creative capacities. Through partnerships with state arts agencies, local leaders, other federal agencies, and the philanthropic sector, the NEA supports arts learning, affirms and celebrates America’s rich and diverse cultural heritage, and extends its work to promote equal access to the arts in every community across America. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the National Endowment for the Arts and the agency is celebrating this milestone with events and activities through 2016. Go to to enjoy art stories from around the nation, peruse Facts & Figures, and check out the anniversary timeline. 

About Us

The Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission was established in 1977 by a City and County Ordinance. The Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission (SMAC) is a public agency devoted to supporting, promoting and advancing the arts in the region.  Funded by the Sacramento City and County, SMAC provides funding to local artists and arts groups; promotes the arts through marketing, outreach and education initiatives; provides resources to support and increase regional arts education activities; and serves as a community partner and resource.

The agency is guided by 11 Commissioners, five appointed by the Sacramento City Council, five appointed by the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, and one appointed based on the recommendations of the existing Commission members.

Connect with the Arts Commission through the SMAC newsletter and articles published in various publications.


Advancing community through arts and culture.

Diversity Statement

The Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission is committed to inclusiveness and accessibility.  The Arts Commission seeks to achieve diversity in its leadership, partnerships and programs.  The Arts Commission is committed to cultural equity.

Its goals will be achieved when: 

  • All individuals and organizations that make up our region have fair access to the information, financial resources and opportunities vital to full cultural expression; 
  • The opportunity to be represented in the development of arts policy and the distribution of arts resources; 
  • When all the cultures are expressed in thriving, visible arts organizations of all sizes; and lastly, 
  • When new institutions flourish whose programming reflects the experiences of historically under-served communities.

Our Contributors

Director's Circle
($1,500 and higher)
Rev. Lucy Bunch & Nancy Flagg
Steve & Debbie Hill
Dr. Ralph E. Hughes
Adam & Janice Bridge
"In Memory of Jack Crowell"
Brian & Tammy Trombley
of Master Color Printing
Gold Patron
Celia Buckley & Marion Randall
Lorraine Van Kekerix
Katherine Muir
Don & Maxine Wreden
Silver Patron
Diane Abbey & Robin Collins
Alan Boyd
Kenneth & Barbara Celli
Betty Clark
Bill & Eva Cranstoun
Chris & Jennifer Enright
Arek & Caroline Firman
Greg & Marilyn Gregory
Laurie & Jim Hanschu
Michael & Tess Keehn
Tom Kaiser & Andy Tillary
Meegan, Hanschu & Kassenbrock
Barbetta Laurelle
Marie Lofgren
Noreen Mazelis
Carol & Paul McCormick
Michael Miller & Joe Larrea
Paul & Diane Miller
Stephen Tuttle & Gretchen Morgan
Frank Pajerski
Jennifer Parker
Barbara Reese & Roger Monty
Andrew Smith
Roger & Kathy Smith
David Temme
William & Cathy Zinn
Bronze Patron
Peter & Joy Baird
David & Angela Boardman
Carol Buckley
Richard Buckley
Roy & Margaret Burns
Jean Canary
Cameron & Emily Carbrey
Diane Carpenter
Carol Chesbrough & Ken Smith
Dick & Ellen Cochran
Ron & Joan Conklin
Paul & Carol Chrisman
Nancy Dain Smith
Justin Dal Pozzo
Dave & Linda Dawson
Jeff & Jean Elder
Betsy Eskridge
Margaret Everett
Chris Goff
David & Kay Goff
Donna Fontaine
"In Memory of Hal"
Sheryl Gessford
Jim Hargrove & Wendy Stevens
Susan Hoeffel & Dr. Ruth McDonald
Jeff & Suzanna Hoye
Dr. Richard & Margaret Jackson
Richard & Sandra Jenness
Walt & Joan Kerfoot
John Klass
Patrick & Barbara Lord
Bill & Bonnie Langdon
Bill Lewis
John, Laura & Lauren Lofgren
Peter Lund & Maureen McDermott
Dennis Mangers & Michael Sestak
Gerry & Susan Matsumoto
Susan McCarthy
Aleene Richins
Matt & Alisha Metcalf
Brent Mikesell
Cyndi Moore
Danna Olson
Scott & Jane Owen
Mary & Bruce Patt
Jerry & Claire Paul
Vic Rausch
Anne Richmond
Shari Roeseler & Elizabeth Brick
Jonathan & Haruko Sakakibara
Rosemary Selland
Fred & Mary Ann Simoneau
Fred & Colene Schlaepfer
Carol Scott Worth & Janet Summers
Linda Sweetman
Lily Sweyd
Richard & Prem Turner
Diane Van Maren
Karen Van Maren
Bob & Vesta Voigt
Chris Webster
Wicked West Pizza & BBQ
Daniel & Nancy Zuckerman
David Aagaard
Ben Adams
Kathleen Anderson
Terri Antonelli
Barbara Bahler
“In Memory of Lynne Temme”
Charlie & Diane Bamforth
Lorraine Barr
Beverly Berquist
Julie Brannan
John & Jane Buffington
Dale Blunden PhD
Ruth & Russell Burgess
Jim & Rita Cassady
Claudia & Dorothy
Del Castillo
Peggy Cavaghan
Central Valley Community Bank
Anne Chadwick
Allison Claire
Jeane Cole
Dave & Janet Coleman
Pat Coleman
Fran Coletti
Jim & Judy Cooper
The Alan Day Family
Horti & Bob Davis
Nadene Donner & Victoria Powers
John & Jacque Durand
Bob & Ann Edmundson
Jon Elerath
Barbara Evans
Sandra Filby
Denis & Amber Fitts
George & Cathy Fleming
Jean Fletcher
Folsom Tire Pros
Stephen Ford
Terry Francke
David Freiberg
Bill Fuller
Cheryl Fuller
Roger & Betty Fuller
Stephen Greene
Edmund & Margaret Hennigar
John & Karla Hillis
Sharen Hindley
Curt Hobbs & Julie Jenness
Sarah & Kenneth Horst
Sybil & Glen Hughes
Incompass Tax, Estate & Business Solutions
Dan & Judy Jones
Erik & Debra Kahan
Stan & Kay Kasperik
Gary & Bobbie Keill
Judy Kincaid
Richard Kirkham
Sandra Lane
Karen Libbee
David Lindgren
Laura Lofgren
Claude & Lee Long
Patrick & Pamela Lynn
Rev. Vic & Nancy Matson
Jeanine McElwain
Lin McNamara
Ross Meier
Mary Lin Metcalf
Nancy Miller & Mark Robinson
MU PHI Epsilon Fraternity Sacramento Alumni
Charlotte Norton & Robert Laneau
Joe & Kathy Ossmann
Richard & Jacque Pryor
Vic Rausch
Norma Rice
Stuart & Gretchen Richardson
Mitch Rhoades
Arlene Rose
Richard & Kathleen Sabbagh
Gregory & Birgit Sandell
John & Joyce Schaeuble
Ada Schloeman
Chris & Candace Schmidle
Ron & Laurie Schuler
Barbara Smith & Barbara Candy
Brian Talcott & Loretta Murray
Jon Tooker
Damon & Ariel Tribble
Jim Turner
Gary & Jill Underhill
Marilyn van Loben Sels
Mark Watkins
Fred & Betsy Weiland
Edwin Woodrow
Sue Woodstra
Dorothy Wooldridge
Jean Wu
Allison Youngreen